Windows 10 Project ‘Neon’: A Fresh UI Overhaul..? Everything we know thus far.

It has been one and half a year since Windows launched Windows 10 and it has been great thus far, both for consumer and Microsoft. Windows 10 is far better than its predecessor (Windows 8/8.1), although Windows 7 remains still at top. Most of the people who are up to date with latest technology  have already updated to windows 10, except those who are concerned with security and privacy matters and would like to stick to Windows 7 for a longer time. But one thing we all miss from Windows 7 era is Aero Glass look which we used to love so much. Windows 8 bought us the ugly Metro look with itself and 8.1 tried to improve on it but failed miserably. Although Windows 10 has some good mixture of Desktop UI and Metro UI but we still miss that Windows 7 look and that’s exactly where Project ‘Neon’ comes in.

Basically Windows 10 project ‘Neon’ does focus on a fresh and more intuitive UI with ways to include Aero Glass look with Windows 10. It is a Microsoft’s gateway to include a more streamlined UI with Windows 10 rather than bits of Windows 7 look which are still present in windows 10 (a great example of this would-be windows photo viewer).

Even though we still know very little about this project but few days ago, windows teased us with few looks at the new UI on which windows is working and will be launches soon (hopefully). Take a look at image down below :-

And a gif too :-

Do you love this new look? And what are your thoughts, let us know in the comments. Anyway, this new look is rumored to be launched with Windows 10 update: Redstone 3 (not in the upcoming Creators update). Little we know about Redstone 3 update and its launching date but it may launch in the winter 2017 or early next year, so Microsoft has good amount of time till the update. Note that Redstone 3 the next upcoming major update to Windows 10 after the Creators update which will arrive in spring 2017 (which may be pretty close) and will incorporate pretty awesome and more productive features like Paint 3D, a new game mode and lots of other stuff which we might hopefully write about on upcoming articles. At present we don’t know what new features will be in the Redstone update but a new UI overhaul is hopefully one of them and we will get more details about project Redstone 3 update and Windows Project ‘Neon’.