5 things to be Considered Before Buying The New Nokia 3310

Recently on MWC (Mobile World Congress 2017) Nokia unveiled 3 of its Phones and that was really disappointing Nokia 8 is still to be launched but Nokia 3,5 and 3310 was launched and Nokia 6 was launched globally as Nokia 6 was launched in China a few weeks back. The disappointment may be because we were expecting much more from Nokia or whatever the reason may be.
So returning back to the topic. 5 things to be considered before buying the new Nokia 3310 and surely write in the comment box will you buy this phone or not.
Nokia 3310 2017

1. It can support 2g Network only(2.5g to be more specific)

5g networks are soon to come and they are still struck at 2g ,so I dont see a reason to buy a 2g phone even in India Reliance Jio is soon to provide a full featured 4g with volte phone at around Rs 1000-1500 and this Nokia 3310 is just a 2g which is expected to be priced at around Rs 3000-4000 so why 2g mobile if we can get a 4g volte mobile at a cheaper price and Jio is giving Unlimited VOLTE calls with it. And as usage of internet is increasing in India the 2g speed will be really slow.
Old Nokia 3310 in the Middel

2. Don't have Android or any smart operating system

Nokia 3310 is not a smart phone its just a feature phone with Nokia series 30+ operating system which I think is bit outdated and lacks many of the features which we will discuss in some next points.

3. Don't Have WhatsApp

It will not support whatsapp. As whatsapp last year stopped support to some of the operating systems so as its Series 30+ it will not support  Whatsapp and it will not support many other popular social networks like Instagram,Snapchat,Telegram,Allo etc.
Photo Source CNET.COM

4. It does not have a Retro Look Which old 3310 used to have

The old 3310 had a retro look and the classic Nokia boot up animation of 2 hands coming which is not present in this mobile and it doesn't feel strong it feels plastic and is bit on Funky side as it have these funky colors like yellow ,orange which looks good for short time only.
Left :Nokia 3310 2017 And  Right: Nokia 3310

5. The Price its still expected to be around Rs 3000

The price of this mobile is the biggest demerit of this mobile as I feel because these days at the rate of Rs 4000 Android mobile can be bought which can do almost every thing you require and they even have better camera and better storage than Nokia 3310(16 MB Only and 2MP with single Flash).

So its upon you if you want to buy it or not I may buy it because my first Phone was a Nokia but still its not of that much use it can be used as secondary phone for calling and the classic snake game above that its of no use 
So it was just my opinion. write in the comment Box what do you think about Nokia 3310.