Saturday, 23 September 2017

Is Apple's Iphone X Special ?

Hey, this is a place where I write my opinions. So without wasting time I want to give a quick disclaimer. In this blog post, I don't wanna hurt any one's feelings it's just my opinion.
So everything that Apple announced on its 10th Anniversary.There is something good and some bad.
So first talking about what Apple did well with its iPhone X or iPhone 10.
iPhone X

1. Bazzel less displays with a notch at the top.That's what 2017 smartphone should have.Let me clear I am not going deep into specs I will cover only the surface in this post.
The display is really good with 5.8 inches which is roughly 82% screen to body ratio.

iPhone X with wireless and fast Charging

2. They finally added fast charging and wireless charging.In recent years by the increased use of smartphones, fast charging became a need of many.It was the most needed feature.

Appel A11 bionic chipset

3. Apple's A11 Bionic chipset is the best thing they have to offer.
In recent news, geekbench scores of iPhone X were released or leaked and the number was humongous it went to 4118 scores on a Single core
which is the maximum geekbench scores till now.And it left behind its competition way behind in its scores.
iPhone 6

4. (If you want you can ignore this point)After so many years that Apple has changed their design but just in iPhone X.As iPhone 8 is similar to iPhone 7 just there are some spec bumps.

So it's now time to hurt some Apple Fans.  haha just joking.

Essential Phone by Andy Rubin

1. Nothing is new in iPhone X every feature which we see here was way back introduced in Android Phones, I am not giving a brief explanation of the feature.But the recent feature the top notch in iPhone X was recently used by Andy Rubin's Essential phone.So the only thing Apple was doing new also got released first.

2.High price it starts from $999 to $1149 it's just way too much and if you wanna buy it in India its starts from Rs 89,000 to Rs1.02 lakh.

3.They are not giving a fast charger in the box.It's clear that Apple just wants profit nothing else.After buying a $1000 phone still, you have to spend $75.

4.(Again just ignore this point if you want)If this is iPhone 10 then why are they marketing it as iPhone X and sorry I forgot to mention the big Face ID fail.It's good but still, Apple failed to make it efficient.Leave that fail, if you want to unlock your phone while cooking first show your face then you have to slide.Then what's the need of face ID if we have to use our hand to open.

So now it's your time, give your opinion in the comment box.

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